BOTIM – Best FREE Video Chat APP

BOTIM is a popular app that can be used to make free video chat in the world. Same as Skype and WhatsApp, it does offer many similar features that anyone needs for voice and video chat with family and friends worldwide. 

The App stands out from the best relying on a number of really interesting features that can work perfectly. 

Why use BOTIM?

One of the most amazing features of the App is that users can chat from anywhere at any network connection, including a WiFi network or 2G, 3G or 4G.

Users can share photos, videos, voice messages, text messages, and more at any time, anywhere worldwide. They can quickly and safely chat with any of their contacts. They can also chat in group with up to 500 people.

Users can express themselves using a built-in emoji dashboard.

Furthermore, users can also send any type of documents without diminishing their quality or compressing them. 

Last but not least, the communication platform is one of the safest instant messaging systems out there, because it has a text and voice message encryption system.

This App iss free to download but you need to subscribe to an unlimited calling plan depending if it’s a subscription for your mobile or your home. There are reports of connection disruption, so jury is out whether it’s worth the price tag.

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How to Use Botim Video Chat App?

You should follow these steps in order to start using Botim.

Step 1. To start using it, you need an Internet Calling Plan Subscription.

Step 3. Downloading and Installing the Botim App.

This app is available for both Apple iPhone and Android users. Therefore if you have Apple based device like iPhone or Ipad then you can download it from App store. If you have Android-based mobile devices then you need to visit the Google play store to download it.

Step 3. Create/Register with Botim app. 

You must ensure you use the same mobile number as used while subscribing to internet calling plan. Once you provided all the login details, you can immediately start calling your family and friends abroad.